Mosquito Mob

Mosquito Mob of Delaware

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


 1.  Is our mosquito control barrier-spray safe for kids and pets?

Yes, as long as the barrier-spray is applied by one of our mosquito control applicators, it is safe for people and pets.   People and pets should be inside or away from the area being treated.

2.  How long do people and pets have to stay off the treated area after the mosquito control barrier-spray has been applied?

People and pets should stay off the treated area for 30 minutes to give the spray time to dry.

3.  Should I cut the grass before the mosquito control  barrier-spray is applied?

Our mosquito control applicators do not typically spray the grass unless you are having an outdoor event like a wedding or party or you do not have any foliage or trees or bushes to treat with our barrier-spray.   So,  if we will be spraying your grass,  yes,  try to have the grass cut before we come.

4.  Do you notify us before you come?

Yes,  we will notify you at least a day ahead of time before we come.

5.  How long does the mosquito control  barrier-spray last?

Typically, about 2-3 weeks.

6.  Will rain affect how long the mosquito control barrier-spray lasts?

Usually,  a little bit of rain will not affect the barrier-spray but heavy rain may wash the spray away.   Our mosquito control applicators follow the weather forecast closely and if heavy rain is forecast,  we try to come after the rain has passed.

7.  How effective is the mosquito control barrier-spray?

We hope that our mosquito control barrier-spray reduces mosquitoes by about 90 percent.   Some of our customers never see another mosquito and others will see a significant reduction in mosquitoes.  There are a few customers that do not see any difference and in this case, we will not require a payment or will refund their payment.

8.  Do I have to pre-pay or sign a contract for your mosquito control service?

No,  we do not require you to pre-pay or sign a contract for our mosquito control service.   You can pay for each treatment as you go.   Some of our customers prefer to pay for the whole season to avoid the hassle of having to pay for each treatment.   If you prepay for the whole season,  we will give you a 5% discount.

9.  Do you guarantee your mosquito control service?

We guarantee our mosquito control service in that if the mosquitoes come back before we are scheduled to come again(every 2-3 weeks),  just call us and we will re-apply our barrier-spray at no charge or will pro-rate our mosquito control service.  We try to provide great customer service!   Just read what some of our customers have said about our mosquito control service.   We would also refund your money if you are not happy with the results.

10.  What type of payment do you take?

We prefer cash or check or electronic payment from your bank.  We  accept PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.  

11.  How much does your mosquito control service cost?  

The cost depends on  size of the area treated with our mosquito control barrier spray.  Contact us now for your free mosquito control estimate. 

12.  Does the mosquito control barrier-spray prevent mosquitoes from flying into my yard from my neighbor's yard?   

No,  but by treating your yard with the mosquito control barrier-spray,  the spray will effectively repel mosquitoes from your yard.