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  After you contact Mosquito Mob inquiring about our mosquito control services, one of our mosquito control applicators will take a look at your property either on-line or on-site and give you a free mosquito control estimate.  The cost of our mosquito control services depends on how large your property is and how much mosquito control barrier-spray we will need to apply to your property to effectively repel mosquitoes from your property.  The  mosquito control barrier-spray will last for about 2-3 weeks and then will need to be re-applied by one of our mosquito control applicators. If you decide to use our mosquito control services, one of our mosquito control applicators will analyze your property before we apply the mosquito control barrier-spray.   We look for any areas where mosquitoes can breed and hide.  If you have any standing water on your property, we will dump out the water if possible, and recommend that you try to eliminate or reduce the standing water.  Our mosquito control applicator then begins the application process by using a backpack blower to apply the mosquito control barrier-spray to all the areas where mosquitoes like to hide, like the underside of foliage leaves, under a cool and shady deck, and tall grass/weeds, etc. Our mosquito control barrier-spray contains pyrethroids which are derived from chrysanthemum flowers.  Pyrethroids are widely used in-and-around households, on pets, and in agriculture products.  Our mosquito control barrier-spray is EPA approved and safe for adults, children and pets.​ People and pets should be inside when the mosquito control barrier-spray is being applied and should stay off the treated area for 30 minutes after the spray has been applied to give the mosquito control barrier-spray time to dry.   We will leave a note for you with the date and time of the  application after the mosquito control barrier-spray has been applied.  For new customers, we will follow-up with you a few days after the mosquito control application has been applied to make sure you are happy with the results before we accept payment from you. We guarantee our mosquito control service so call us now for your free mosquito control estimate!